Have you ever had to sit through a ridiculous phone queue wait time,   to resolve a simple 2-minute issue? Well, most of us have, unfortunately, felt this pain.  A significant 59% of us reported in 2019 that they discontinued doing business with a company for this sole reason. Not only does RingCentral have unbeatable customer service, but has created a single face platform that helps your team create the best experience for your customer.

Why make your customer wait in a phone queue when you can make use of RingCentral's omnichannel options such as chatbots, email, SMS, voice or social. The benefits are endless using the omnichannel strategy. Your customer hates nothing more than having to repeat themselves as they get palmed across several customer service representatives. RingCentral's hub allows a seamless migration among your team members to see all points of contact with a client.

As social media and other digital communications become part of everyday life, consumers will increasingly expect options in how they interact with your business. Organisations must service customers on the channels they prefer, and that with consistent service. Organisations that can provide a successful omnichannel journey can improve key contact centre metrics, such as average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR), which overall, will enhance customer satisfaction scores and improve business results.


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