With so many companies out there expressing their support and general concern for the current situation worldwide, no doubt your feed and inbox is full of this, so we are not going to reiterate this same message.Now, it is time to do business differently.Current estimates by authorities put us at 3 to 5 months of various ‘lockdown’ levels. I like you, have a business to run and a team of people who rely on our business for their livelihood. It's paramount to us that our team feels they can trust us while operating remotely to them support them and their families. Doing business differently.How does business adapt?I do not have all the answers... I don't think anyone does.What I do have is an incredible team operating 100% remotely from home that can share how we have done this and how we can assist in getting you set up to do business differently.With intuitive simple to use teleconferencing, calling, messaging, file sharing, your team can begin to truly collaborate again. It’s not the office, the office banter isn’t quite the same, but with a few tweaks to how we do things for the next period of time, doing business differently could be the difference that makes the difference.Please reach out if you'd like to start the conversation justin@ringuc.com.au


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